MalAradio Berlin: high frequency hate! [en, it, de]

MalAradio Berlin: high frequency hate!

In one of Berlin’s squares where gentrification and repression are no longer a river in flood but rampant water, in the tide that destroys the shores of a historic neighborhood, lived and conquered with sweat, gasoline and barricades, the new puppets, the admirals of respectability and normalization, make their way sailing on shiny ships. At their passage the waters are stained with blood and protected by their domesticated thugs, they fill the overflowing flesh under their vests and swell the pockets of the real estate sharks. They build new islands made of large windows, lofts, luxury buildings, organic and minimal fake-craft stores, architectural monsters that house the offices of the newest start-up. Leggi tutto “MalAradio Berlin: high frequency hate! [en, it, de]”